Telecom Power Supply

For over 40 years, Gamatronic has been providing power supply systems. Over this period, the company has become an international expert in the field and has developed a deep understanding of its customers’ needs. This is the foundation upon which the company designs and manufactures its products. Among the many advantages Gamatronic offers its customers, we can mention the efficiency levels. The 1UDC power systems has an exceptionally high efficiency level of 96%. Gamatronic’s modular power systems with N + 1 redundancy ensure that even in case of a failure in a load component, the system will continue to function and support the load. DC systems are characterized by being especially reliable due to their product design. Gamatronic’s power supply systems are extremely reliable. With our HPS units we have found that on average, systems are sent to the company for repair only after 15 years of operation and often even longer.

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