Single Phase

Gamatronic offers a wide range of UPS units and systems suitable for home use:

650VA to 1500VA – For home and small business use.
1kVA to 10kVA – For home and small business use.
15kVA to 60kVA for small and medium sized businesses and central server rooms.

These reliable, high quality products all boast a small footprint, using on-line technology to provide a stable power source suitable for all users and equipment. Gamatronic’s UPS systems protect home computers and communication systems as well as industrial size monitoring and control systems. Our customers benefit from secure and reliable power and extended life expectancy of their hardware.

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UPS systems for the home user – Unexpected power surges are inevitable. Over time, these inconsistencies shorten the life cycle of equipment and its components. The G-NET series, using on-line technology, is a line of UPS units especially designed for computers that supply stable and reliable power to all users, from computers and telecommunications systems to industrial control systems.. The G-NET series uses on-line technology to protect and extend the life span of your hardware, providing reliable and secure power for home computers and industrial control systems alike.

The G-NET range includes a number of different UPS models, from kVA-1 to kVA-10:

  • 1-3kVA in a 19” cabinet or stand-alone.
  • 6kVA in a 19” cabinet or stand-alone with external battery box.
  • 10kVA in a 19” cabinet or stand-alone with external battery box.

Characteristics of the G-NET series:

  • Supply clean sinus wave to the user.
  • Advanced DCP/CPU design.
  • PFC 0.98.
  • Instantaneous transfer from the converter and the grid ensures continued and reliable functioning of the user.
  • Local and remote control using RS232 or USB.
  • Self-diagnosing and protective functions.
  • Protection from abnormal input voltage is included in the system