Centric 300FC Frequency Converters

Info & Details

The Centric 300 FC is a voltage and frequency stabilizer with a wide input voltage and frequency
range and a fixed predefined output frequency and voltage that provides clean output power.

The Centric 300 FC’s double-conversion transformerless topology provides high quality power
regulation in accordance with IEC 62040 VFI-SS-111 and AC/AC efficiency up to 96.5%.

The Centric 300 FC provides reliable, clean, regulated AC power with a very small footprint. The
system is uniquely modular and scalable and is available in 10 configurations, (90, 120, 150, 180, 210,
240, 270, 300 kW).

Gamatronic’s Centric 300 FC’s extremely small footprint makes the system ideal for a plethora
of applications including marine, airport testing equipment, military and manufacturing or as a
simple line filter.


  • Up to 96.5% efficiency
  • High power density
  • Small footprint
  • Lightweight
  • 19” design
  • Advanced colorful LDC touch screen
  • Synchronized inverter to external sources
  • Built-in oscilloscope
  • Seismic brackets


The Centric 300 FC is modular and designed to grow as your power requirements increase. Its output
capacity is easily scalable on-site by adding a hot plug-in 30kW module.

The Centric 300 FC is vertically scalable, with 1 to 10 power modules of 30kW each, providing from
30kW to 300kW. The Centric is horizontally scalable with up to 6 units providing up to 1800kW of

The Centric 300 FC’s vertical and horizontal modularity reduces the MTTR and enables the
replacement of power components online, without affecting the critical load.

Centric 300 FC’s high power density enables you to save valuable space by providing the needed
stable frequency, voltage and power with a minimal footprint. This advantage caters to mission
critical applications including civil off shore and on shore applications such as marine power systems
for vessels and docking stations.

The Centric 300 FC system controller provides

  • Built-in flexible connectivity
  • Intuitive and intelligent graphic user interface
  • Fail-safe (non-critical for FC operation)
  • Hot swappable
  • Configurable 8 input and 8 output dry contacts
  • Embedded web interface
  • SNMP
  • RS 232 – SEC
  • MODBUS – RS485 and over TCP-IP
  • Unlimited email notifications
  • Multi-language interface
  • Sync generator for load transfer
  • Data-rich system log