Battery Cabinets for UPS systems

Info & Details

During any type of power interruption, battery cabinets provide emergency DC power to the UPS, protecting operation of the critical load.

Gamatronic’s wide range of battery cabinets are designed to be used with the company’s line of UPS systems and require minimum maintenance.

Battery cabinets include the following components:

  • Suitable battery capacity (in Ah)
  • Battery cabinet wiring and fuse kit suitable for battery and UPS capacities
  • Circuit Breaker (CB) kit that matches the UPS system’s maximum power capacity

Main Features

  • Easy installation
  • Innovative design allows easy access to batteries
  • Small footprint – save valuable space
  • Lightweight cabinets and racks

Gamatronic battery cabinets are compatible with the Centric 480 and Power + family of products.