SVR Automatic Voltage Stabilizers

Info & Details

Gamatronic’s Static Voltage Regulator (SVR) is designed to protect your electrical equipment from mains power surges and brown-outs. The SVR is micro-processor controlled and operates within a range of 1 to 2500 kVA. The controller is based on Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), providing enhanced control to the server motor.

The SVR is available from 1 to 50kVA in single-phase configuration and from 3 to 2500kVA in a three-phase configuration.

This rugged system is designed for an extended lifetime, reducing long term purchasing and saving on operation and maintenance costs.


  • Each load is independently controlled to the output thus supplying continuous power
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Flexible system offering a wide range of voltages
  • Gamatronic can supply custom designed units to meet client’s specifications and needs.
  • High efficiency of up to 98%
  • High performance even on 100% unbalanced load
  • Independent control panel for each phase