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The industrial µPS-SP Series of UPS units features true online double conversion technology.  It is available in single-phase or three-phase configuration, in parallel or stand-alone, with outputs ranging from 6kVA to 250kVA. The system produces a stable, high-quality Sine wave.

These heavy duty UPS systems are designed to withstand disruptive voltage fluctuations via built-in static switch. During the design and manufacturing phases, the product is customized to suit our client’s exact specifications.

Universal software enables flexible configuration, including measuring and logging all parameters (input and output voltage, temperature, voltage including DC). This data is regularly displayed on the LCD screen and can be transmitted via SNMP.

End of life. Please contact a Gamatronic sales representative to learn about UPS alternatives.



  • True online double-conversion topology
  • Online batteries eliminate transfer time
  • Precise voltage regulation of ±1%
  • Full microprocessor control
  • Output isolation transformer
  • DC Soft-Start
  • Enlarged charger for longer backup times
  • Compatible with symmetrical, non-symmetrical, linear, and non-linear loads
  • Designed for both Wye and Delta load connections
  • Various input/output voltages and frequencies