Ilan and Assaf Ramon Airport


The Ilan and Assaf Ramon International Airport in Timna is the first new civilian airport built in Israel since the country’s declaration of independence. The Ramon Airport will function as an additional Israeli airport and will replace the Eilat and Ovda airports for local and international flights. The construction cost of the Ramon airport is approximately 1.7 billion NIS (approx. US$440 million). The new passengers’ terminal will be built on a 30,000 square meters field and will serve over two million passengers each year. The terminal includes comfortable passenger halls for both local and international flights, as well as duty free shops. The control tower will rise to a height of 50 meters and and its paved landing and takeoff runways will extend to 3.6 kilometers in order to allow all kinds of aircrafts, including large jumbo jets, from any airport in the world, to take off and land in Timna. The airport will be equipped with parking positions for wide and midsize aircrafts , parking fields for turbo-prop aircrafts, parking garages for vehicles and a four-lane road system leading passengers from the Ramon airport to Eilat in 10 minutes.


Gamatronic won the tender issued by the Israel Airports Authority and won the bid to be the exclusive supplier of uninterruptible power supply for the Ilan and Assaf Ramon International Airport in Timna. Gamatronic supplied 10kVA-250kVA UPSs, batteries and communications equipment for all the airport buildings and facilities including the airport, the control tower, storage, testing facilities, gates, computer rooms, fire extinguishing, runway lighting, passenger halls, and security systems. Gamatronic products that back up the Timna Airport include the Centric, Power+ Premium, Power+ Classic and the Power+ SA.