Service Charter

Gamatronic Professional Services – Our Commitment to You

Gamatronic technical support engineers maintain the highest standards of customer service and technical knowledge.

Intimate Knowledge of the Product

Our technical support engineers are located in the heart of our manufacturing headquarters, deeply involved in R&D and manufacturing processes. Enabling them to provide you with the most effective updated solutions , including customized solution adapted to your individual needs.

Technical Training

We offer you the advantage of a private seminar suited to your needs at your premise/Gamatronic facility. The session will include personal tutoring, taking into consideration each of your employees’ weak points.

Local Response

With representation in over 80 countries worldwide, wherever you are, our local representatives are able to assist with all your needs.


After years of international service, our engineers are highly skilled in meeting all types of technical needs. Flexibility and innovation are second nature; the team overcomes language difficulties and time zone differences with patience and courtesy.

Peace of Mind

Most importantly, we make every effort to ensure that you have constant reliable power.


Gamatronic provides a full “Turn Key” worldwide solution which includes: site survey, transportation, UPS positioning, electrical cabling, connecting the UPS to the electrical infrastructure, batteries installation, and providing preventive maintenance, all in accordance with customer’s needs.

Site Survey

Gamatronic engineers travel worldwide to perform site surveys on request.

The site survey can include a number of fact-finding activities, depending on the customer’s needs.

  • Power monitoring to determine the type and quality of local electrical power
  • Analysis of the critical and non-critical electrical loads to be protected by the UPS
  • Familiarization with the site’s electrical distribution system
  • Determination of the UPS capacity required
  • Quality of building’s grounding system
  • UPS model(s) best suited to the customer’s needs
  • How to best integrate the UPS into the site’s floor plan
  • Determine potential benefits from Control and Management products

Power Monitoring

Power monitoring is performed with a power quality monitoring device, and offers:

  • Viewing magnitudes and waveforms of the site’s present voltage and current.
  • Recording the voltage and current magnitudes and waveforms over an extended period of time to understand the regular and irregular variations in the site’s electrical supply.
  • Use limit- and sensitivity-threshold settings on the power scope to record any disturbances that could affect the UPS or its loads.


Gamatronic engineers tune the UPS’s operational parameters to ensure optimal performance of the UPS at your site.

Training Centers and Technical Events

Gamatronic offers periodic technical training sessions for our partners around the world in Gamatronic facilities or at our partner’s location. To register to our next event, send us a request.


Because Gamatronic’s UPS’s and many of our power supply products are modular, down-time for repairs is kept to a minimum. The option of a redundant power module makes it possible to replace a malfunctioning module with a good one while the system continues normal operation, with no impact on the load. Swapping a faulty module for a good one takes no more than a few minutes. The faulty module can be sent to Gamatronic headquarters in Jerusalem for repair or replacement.

Our repair center HQ is located in Jerusalem. However, world-wide Gamatronic repair centers are always at your service.

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