Military UPS Systems

On this page you will be able to see the range of military UPS systems supplied by Gamatronic. These UPS systems are distinctly designed to withstand the harsh environments commonly encountered in military use such as extreme vibrations as well as the ability to operate in conditions of acute fluctuations in humidity and heat.

These systems are manufactured and tested complying with the strictest military standards such as MIL-STD 810. They are specialized systems, specifically adapted to the needs of each client and their intended use. This includes painting (rust proofing), size, weight etc.

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The main benefits of using military grade UPS systems.

  • Gamatronic’s modular systems offer N+1 redundancy, by adding on an additional module that protects the client’s hardware and ensures support of the load in the event of a module fail. In non-modular systems, the moment there is a fault in the system, the client’s critical load isn’t backed up. Thus a non-modular system requires a greater investment as additional systems need to be purchased in order to ensure support for the critical load.
  • IEC 62040-3 – this is a European standard that defines the working characteristics on an on-line UPS that adheres to the VFI-SSS-111 standard. The significance of this is that users are not reliant on the wavelength and voltage of the electrical network.