Control and Management Systems

UPS management systems allow for regular, real time monitoring and control of the UPS. The application provides an immediate alert in case of any irregular event.

Here you can find information about the characteristics of the application and its capabilities.

System Characteristics

  • The application provides a continuous flow of information, in real time, regarding the operational status of all electrical equipment connected to the network.
  • The system provides real time updates about the UPS and the DC electrical system. It can also control individual power supply systems, either remotely or locally.
  • In the event of a major wide spread failure, the system will shut down servers as specified by the client. The shutdown process is halted if mains electricity is restored before the start of shut down procedures.
  • Servers can be shut down via Ethernet, PPC or a shutdown agent.
  • Server shutdown through Ethernet via SSWH.
  • Shutdown of a group of virtual servers and hosts.
  • Local warning and immediate alert via pop-up window or remotely using email. Emails are sent according to the event’s severity rating and can be filtered by this criterion.
  • Real time, on-demand simulation of critical events allows the client to test the application and server response.
  • Secure interface with three security levels.
  • A clean and easy to use design. The system includes a simple and direct user interface including tree display and mapping.
  • The system has significantly increased its flexibility with regard to defining conditions for automatic shutdown of servers.