Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems

Gamatronic supplies a wide range of uninterruptible power supply devices and systems. All our products are manufactured to the highest possible standards of quality and performance.

Features of Gamatronic’s uninterrupted power supply systems

  • True on-line technology shields against mains power voltage fluctuations.
  • Total support for overloads achieved through connecting batteries using galvanic isolation.
  • Reliable outputs under all circumstances: whether under load, connected to the grid or off the grid. Our UPS systems ensure stable voltage, frequency and wave shape under all grid conditions.
  • Perform exceptionally in all environments – even extreme temperature, humidity, dust and dirt.
  • Compact, small footprint and low weight.
  • Low MTTR.
  • Scalable: Modules may be added to increase the UPS system capacity at any time. This can even be done on-site by the client without changing to bypass or disconnecting the load.
  • High efficiency up to 98% with true on-line functionality, and a Power Factor of 1 at.
  • Meet international standards of safety.

The Role of a Uninterruptible Power Supply system

The role of a uninterruptible power supply system is to allow continued operation of the critical load during mains power failures. The system also shields against a sharp rise in power, often called a power surge. An independent surge protector, which also provides protection from lightening, can also be used. Through use of a power strip, multiple devices can be connected and protected simultaneously. For comprehensive protection against power surges and power failures, choose a UPS system.

The Importance of a UPS system in a digital world

Computers are the heart of any business, unfortunately computers consist of sensitive equipment that requires regular maintenance to ensure continued operation. Even the most careful and alert users are liable to come across problems when using their computers. Malfunctions caused by an electrical failure could be very disruptive and even destructive – whether dealing with a power failure that results in files being erased, a blown fuse that shuts down the entire system or any other electrical failure. The continuous supply of power provided by a uninterrupted power supply system prevents disruptions caused by power failures and other associated problems. In the absence of a generator that can keep the computer operating for an extended period of time, a UPS system provides sufficient time to complete actions such as:

  • Saving open files.
  • Controlled computer shut-down, preventing damage to the system.
  • Turning on an alternative power source.

Unlike a generator a uninterruptible power supply system switches to backup power instantaneously. There is no delay between the loss of power and the operation of the ups power supply. In the event of disruption to the primary power source, the UPS’s batteries provide uninterrupted power supply without any additional equipment being connected to the UPS system itself. In this manner, sudden electrical fluctuations or service gaps have no impact on critical systems.
During a burn-out or power failure, a computer’s hard drive could be damaged. A connected ups power supply
system averts this and provides the following benefits:

  • Stable and continuous supply of electricity.
  • Lengthens the life span of all the computer’s peripheral devices.

Purchasing a Uninterruptible Power Supply

If you are interested in purchasing a UPS, we recommend that you first consider the specific requirements of your environment. Different ups power supply systems will perform optimally, based on the specifications of the load that they are required to backup. Some UPS systems provide power for longer periods of time than others; these are more suited to users that don’t have an alternative power source available. For those who do, the system need only provide electricity until the alternative power supply kicks in.

Our Control and management line give you complete control of system operation. The majority of Gamatronic’s uninterruptible power supply systems come with touch screen controls, giving you the ability to monitor system performance easily and efficiently.

In today’s digital era. it is important to take precautions that protect expensive hardware from unpredictable voltage fluctuations. A UPS system is able to prevent serious damage that may result from an interruption in power.

Our experts are standing by to help you select the optimal product for your needs. Call us for a free consultation.

What is an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)?

There are several different types of UPS systems and devices – offline, line-interactive and online. With an offline ups unit, protected equipment is connected directly to mains power. When voltage fluctuates beyond predetermined levels, the UPS system transfers power to battery backup. This transfer can be lengthy, relative to other UPS types.

Line-interactive UPS systems operate similarly to the offline UPS unit, with the addition of an auto-transformer. While transfer time is still prolonged, this type of uninterruptible power supply system is able to tolerate persistent voltage drops without depleting battery reserves.

Online systems differ in that protected systems are connected directly to the UPS. This means that no power transfer switches are necessary. When voltage drops, battery power comes on instantaneously.

Online UPS systems come in two configurations: double conversion with hot swappable batteries or double conversion with online batteries (galvanic connection). The output of the system can be configured by varying the size and number of batteries.